Empires and Puzzles Guides


Would you remember if you might buy portable games? You know, what we used to accomplish at which we paid and only played with the item? Maybe you did not get yet another dash screen every ten minutes informs you that you can find more special coins which produces the game easier for half of an instant. Perhaps the programmers were more happy to just earn a solution and sell that, as opposed to whale fishing? Pepperidge Farm recalls, also that I remember too. Sadly, those days are goneso I have had to place up my big girl pants and suck on this upto critique Empires and Puzzles Hack.

Like many others before , Empires and Puzzles can be really a game three puzzle game, but it is also got plenty of components of this Collectible Card Game genre as well, together with you personally collecting heroes of diverse charm to combat over creatures or other players. If this was not enough, it has also secured a base construction and expansion section too. I am confident Little Giant simply siphoned”exactly what form of cellular games generate income?” And joined three. In addition they included in taichi pandas to make sure about any of it.


With the mix of genres, the match is actually pretty intricate. Additionally you will spend some time collecting cards to find the best personalities. Your heroes may absorb the cards of one’s crappier heroes to degree up (you receive XP, however your heroes do not ) and the more durable a fanatic is, the more stronger strikes from their distinct shade are all. In addition to the, each participant has a unique skill, that might be a enthusiast, a solid strike, or perhaps a curative role. You get mana to throw them by fitting stone and also the games will probably ship a swathe of troops going towards the critters directly infront of those. You might even upgrade these soldiers along with your own cards for more power.

General Instructions about Trade Island


The game is recently produced by Game Insight, and it is available for both IOS and Android users. Trade Island is available on various websites as well as on Apple store and Play store at free of cost. Its size is almost 99 MB, and it is easily supportable for all devices. The premium task in the game is to create your island according to your choice. The more and more islands you build the more you become rich in the game. The users have to become a tycoon in a cool island by creating more buildings and a lovely city.

To survive long in the game, the users have to make valuable deals and producing more effective and efficient goods. The gamers have to create their island more innovative and beautiful in order to earn more in-game currency with Trade Island Hack.

Important Features to Know

  • Different types of landscapes and areas are located within it.
  • A wide variety of exciting quests and events are added every week in the game.
  • Plenty of new and charming characters are available which look real.
  • Various types of cities and buildings are also present in it.
  • Lots of different trees and important activities to do.
  • Trade Island considers better sound quality and high-quality graphics.

Final Words

Trade Island is a game which depends totally on creating more and more islands or cities according to your choice. The civilizations in your city are free to trade; they are socialized and have fun. The market in the game is like real-life as the users have to perform or do some work in order to earn more in-game currency. Another way to earn more currency is to produce more goods and making the best deals. The trade in your city and you has to make full use of it.

How To Boost Up Your Progress In Coin Master

Coin Master is a wonderful game and trending on Google Play store as well as Apple play store.  The Moon Active Company launches it. In the game, you can see a lot of spins, attacks, and raids to save your village from enemies.  It is a casual game and based on the role of a slot machine.  You can download it free for your mobile phone, and the game gives you the option to use the real money in it.

There are many free resources are available in the game, give your best to use all of them correctly. Coins play a very important role in the game, and you can earn these coins by using spins from the slot machine or with Coin Master Cheats. It’s better for you to spend some time on the tutorials and guides to know more about the game. Try your luck and earn the sources from the spin to win. If you are a beginner, then you should follow all the tips to play it correctly.

Collect cards               

It is important to collect the cards in the game if you want to earn rewards. These cards give you a chance to get the high amount of coins. You should complete the set of cards to receive more and more rewards.

Watch advertisement videos

Just like other mobile games, Coin Master also gives you the opportunity to earn free coins by watching the videos. You can earn a huge amount of game coins by watching these video time by time.

Play more earn more

In Coin Master, if you want to earn more spins and gold, then you have to play more games.  You get the chance for a free spin after one hour and don’t miss these spins to earn the free rewards.  A spinning wheel can give you plenty of coins, gold, and many more resources.

These all things can help you to perform well, and it increases your level quickly. Utilize all those resources which are given by the game and spend more time in it to become the best player in Coin Master.


Description of Castle Clash

Castle Clash is the strategy based game, and IGG.COM creates it. It is the best online game as it provides you with high-quality graphics and better sound quality. The game adds so many different features which give you real-time experience. Castle Clash is now available free of cost on various websites for Android and IOS users. It considers various types of languages mainly are French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean, etc. The best part of the game is you have to manage your forces for a great and ultimate clash.

Features of the Game

  • You have to build an impenetrable fortress
  • Choose among many units to make an army
  • You have to collect and equip many powerful heroes
  • Assemble your favorite heroes for squad showdown
  • Battle with your friends from all around the world
  • Different types of modes are available like co-op and PVP modes etc.


As this is the most trending game nowadays, people from all over the world play it regularly on a daily basis. The main motive of the game is to provide its users with the best features and graphics. To win and become the best player in the game you have to take care of some of the following tips:


  • Increase your level – You must increase your Town Hall’s level as quickly as possible as it helps you to build more army camps.
  • Use your troops wisely – In it, you should use your troops carefully as these are the only way to get you a win in the game. The more and more you place the troops the more you get succeed in making an army.
  • Destroy the enemies Town Hall – In it, you have to destroy your enemies, Town Hall. If you once attack it, then you will win the game.

Dream League Soccer- Enhance your Knowledge now

Dream League Soccer- Enhance your Knowledge now


The Dream League Soccer is launched by First Touch Games Ltd. It is the best sports-based game. The game is available for free to play, but some items are purchasable. It is available on both IOS and Android platform. In it, you can manage your team or create own team. So many challenges and missions are available. One of the best features is that you can create your avatar and dress-up. The game is also getting the google play achievement. You can also play the game with your friends via the link with Facebook, or offline feature is also available.  In it also customize and import your very own kits and logo. Many types of features are available so today I will tell you the feature of Dream League.


The features are the main part of every game which makes every game popular. As that many types of features are available in it.

  1. Create own team-

It is the best feature because it company give freedom customization. It means you can create own team and customizes without any restriction. In it choose your formation, perfect your style and build your dream team. So it is count in the best features in it.

  1. Link with Facebook-

The link with Facebook is also the best feature. Via the Facebook, you can play with your friends. It is also the best feature to make your relationship strong. The one best benefit is that when you link the game with a Facebook account at the time you receive some rewards. So the link with a social site is also a fest for play with friends and make your relationship better.

  1. Create and dress-up avatar-

The avatar is the main part of the game. With the help of an avatar, you can play the game. The best feature is that you can make your avatar as per you want and also give the dress-up.  Many things are available for players like a t-shirt, shorts, football, and others. It is also a best and main feature of the game.

  1. Updates-

The game is available with so many updates. From these updates, you can update your player skill and things. As per the level, your football updates also come. These all the updates are so important for play game properly. You can also update the things from currencies by getting Dream league Soccer 2018 Cheats. So in the features, it also plays an important role.

  1. Graphics

The graphics are the important part of every game. In it, the company gives high graphics. From these graphics you the virtual world of the game looks like the real world. So it is supported high graphics. In others words, we can say that the game is run on high graphics.