War Robots – Best Arcade Game


War Robots – Best Arcade Game

The game war robot previously named walking war robot, is a mobile game that has been designed to run on the Android and iOS platform. The game was developed and published by Pixonic, which is a Russian game developer company. The game is a third-person shooter game that comes with real time player vs. player battles. It offers multiplayer battles modes where the user can engage in numerous types of battles.

Gameplay :

The game is unique and has some of the best features to keep the player in the game. War Robots as a real-time multiplayer feature. Once one chooses a battle to engage in, another player is automatically searched for, so that you can fight with other players in real-time. Once you do enter a battlefield, there will be two teams with a total of six players situated on all sides of the map. Before the war begins, each player will have 15 seconds to select the type of robot. The battle is ten minutes long. If one bought extra slots with game gold, one could have up to five robots to select from before a battle begins.

Once the battle begins, the main aim is to capture beacons; the beacons are spread across five locations on the map. While playing, the robots will need to move closer to beacons so as to capture the beacon. However, if there an enemy near the beacon, the progress of capturing a particular beacon will be halted. On the screen, there will be bars on the screen displaying team progress The team with the least amount of beacon will have their bar disappear faster. For one to win the battle, there are three things that the players can achieve:

• Players on one team will need to reduce the enemy’s bar until its zero by holding more beacons than them.
• One can also win if they have a longer bar compared war robots cheats to other teams when the ten minutes come to an end.
• Another option is to destroy the other team’s robots before the time runs out.
This is an overview of the game and what it entails.